You may be someone who has formed their life around their love of music. Whether it is by playing an instrument, like guitar or piano, or simply the enjoyment of following musicians and their musical works, there are so many ways to enjoy it. 

If your appreciation of music has led you to the desire of wanting to learn how to play an instrument, carry a melody, or form a basic knowledge of how music is created, then understanding music theory is a fun and fantastic first step to begin your musical journey. 

Some musicians may tell you it is as simple as picking up an instrument and learning your own way, but a basic understanding of how it all works is extremely helpful to develop your listening and playing skills. Here are some reasons as to why you should study theory if you want to go down the right course toward music knowledge: 

How Does It Help?


The great thing about music is that there are so many different instruments you can pursue and different approaches you can take as you begin. A great asset to possess when you begin your journey is forming your music theory knowledge. There are many ways music theory helps a beginner:

  • It is like learning a new language, and doing so will help you read music notes and develop how you begin writing music.
  • Once you understand it, you will be able to communicate with other musicians.
  • You will comprehend what scales are and be able to clarify information like the difference between a major chord and a C major chord.  
  • Music theory helps you understand different techniques and styles of playing.
  • Becoming familiar with music theory can assist in speeding up the learning process.
  • Understanding how music works will give you a better sense of right and wrong, as well as ease you closer toward performing and playing your instruments of choice. 

How Can I Learn?


You do not have to go on your journey to learn music theory alone. If you are looking to be taught about music theory, there is a convenient way to go about doing it. 

  • The ability to learn music theory online is available to anyone who wishes to take lessons.
  • Learning music theory from a professional can make life a little easier for you.
  • Your teacher will be able to give you notes and information that will guide you down the right path in discovering how music works.
  • Good music theory books can be found online that will help you understand the language of music.
  • Just like playing guitar or any other instrument, you need practice. Test yourself on the knowledge needed to understand music, and you will begin to master your instruments in no time.

Are There Other Benefits?

Besides forming an understanding of music theory, you may wonder how else it can benefit you as a musician. 


  • If you study theory, it can play a big part in your overall creative musical endeavors.
  • Your creative process may be hindered if you lack the required technical knowledge to adapt to other forms of music.
  • It will assist you in trying different things when you write sheet music. 
  • You will have improvisational skills when you play instruments like piano, guitar, drums, violin, etc. By understanding how notes work and what goes into writing a song or a melody, you can freestyle and be more adventurous as you play.
  • It can assist you in understanding, as well as playing music in other genres. 
  • According to Liberty Park Music, understanding the basic rules of music can help you determine when it is appropriate to break them and try something new. This informs creativity rather than deterring it. 


  • You will sound a lot better when you begin to play.
  • Theory can help how you listen and perform and can be a bonus when you want to know if what you are playing sounds good. 


  • Music theory will help you play and write more professionally.
  • A strong understanding of music theory will add to your immersive experience on stage and in front of an audience. 
  • If you are playing in a band or an orchestra, music theory will help you understand what role everyone else plays.

Patience and Discipline 

  • It is a lot of work to study theory, but you can form a great deal of patience and discipline by learning. 
  • You will be able to attribute it to how you go about playing and will eventually make the job easier as mastering instruments themselves require a great deal of time. 


  • You do not want to always rely on others to guide you.
  • Music theory can help in the long run as you will know how to create pieces without the assistance of others. 


  • If you study theory, you will be able to become more versatile as you begin your career or venture into music, as this is widely important in the music scene.
  • Some musicians do not always get to play what they want, and general knowledge about different styles and techniques can help you gain more experience. 
  • You may become someone who can do a variety of different jobs that require different instruments and genres.

Is It Fun?

Learning to do anything music-related can be hard work, but it can be extremely satisfying. Figuring out a major chord or chord progression, as well as performing and writing your own songs, can be some of the most fun experiences you can have in your life, especially if shared with others. Many musicians have made wonderful memories and incredible music and most definitely had an eventful time along the way. 

If you are deeply passionate about music and everything that goes into making it, visit the Academy of Music, where you will be able to find any lessons you require or wish to try. You will have the opportunity to learn all there is to put you on a course toward your musical triumphs.