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At Academy Music, we appreciate the ways in which music can elevate your mood to a state of euphoria. That’s especially helpful on the coldest days of our winter; music can warm your soul, even if your fingers and toes are cold. What’s the best way to create a euphoric musical experience? It’s hard to say, but you might do well by starting with the euphonium; the name literally means pleasant-sounding (or sweet-sounding), with the same root as euphoria. This beautiful brass instrument was so named because it sounded sweeter than it’s other brassy cousins at the time it was made. The euphonium is very similar to the baritone horn, and euphonium players can easily switch to the other instrument; it has an extremely wide range, thanks to its valves, and its middle range is exceedingly gorgeous.


To teach you the euphonium, we’ll use in-home lessons; where better to feel euphoria than in the comfort of your own home? This arrangement is especially nice for parents with kids. You can come home, and instead of having to drive your child to music lessons, we bring the lessons to you, saving you the hassle of moving around the city, and giving you the opportunity to catch up on chores or just relax after a hard day’s work! This arrangement is great for the kids, too; we’ve found many of our students find it easier to dive into the unknown waters of a new instrument while their surroundings are comfortable and familiar. All of what you just read about kids is true for adults, too; our adult students love not having to drive or bus around to get to us, and practising in their sanctuary allows them to be a bit more adventurous and ambitious.

 How do we teach you the euphonium? Well, we have a number of courses that make us giddy, even downright euphoric! For new euphonists, we offer Hal Leonard’s Essential Elements course, a series with a lot to be excited about! The coursework focuses on making sure you learn in as many different ways as possible, employing videos, audio, read and written coursework, and of course, a lot of practical euphonium practice. You’ll learn gradually, each lesson compounding on the last, until eventually, you can play full pieces. What’s even more exciting is that Essential Elements is offered for practically every instrument imaginable, with each instrument learning the same songs, so you can easily form a band with other learners! For our more advanced students, we offer Royal Conservatory courses, the national standard for excellence in music. These courses are so well-reputed that here in Manitoba, you can use course completion as high school credits; our instructors will ensure that you have the confidence and expertise to pass every exam, putting you on track to becoming a professional musician! We appreciate that these two courses won’t cover everyone’s needs, and that’s why our instructors can personalize a program of study that best suits the needs of the student, whether it is to get a head start with a school band program, to reinforce and supplement a current school band program, to prepare for a university music program or just for fun!

 Of all the instruments you could learn to play, why the euphonium? Well, other than the incessant euphoria related puns (which we’re confident you’ve had enough of), there’s a lot of reasons to love the instrument. The instrument is incredibly unique, and the title of euphonist is pretty much unheard of outside of in-the-know circles, so you’re wandering down the road less travelled. The instrument has an incredible range, as well, giving you the opportunity to play a wide array of different tunes. The skills you learn playing the euphonium will also translate incredibly well to a plethora of other brass instruments, giving you fundamentals if you ever want to play something else – in the world of professional music, diversity is key!

The number of songs you’ll be able to play on the euphonium is diverse, indeed. Works by Holst and Strauss feature the instrument, which is sometimes referred to as a tenor tuba (it is, in effect, a tuba in the tenor range). Recently, a number of contemporary composers have begun to write solo works for the euphonium, as well. There is a dearth of pop and rock music to feature the instrument, which is yet another reason to learn the euphonium; you can create new, wonderful work in uncharted territories!

 The things you’ll learn when you practice the euphonium are too numerous to list, but here’s a brief attempt. You’ll learn to read music, and you’ll learn music theory – essentially, you’ll learn a new language, a new form of reasoning, a new form of intelligence. You’ll learn to interpret and compose your own works, too, increasing your emotional intelligence. You’ll grow more confident as you perfect playing an instrument that was totally novel to you when you started. You’ll learn to practice, methodically, creating great habits. You’ll learn breath control and fingerings, physical endurance and dexterity. You’ll learn so much more, about music, and about yourself – let us join you on your journey.