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The Academy of Music has been offering quality in-home music lessons since 1990. We offer in-home lessons on piano, guitar, voice, violin, ukulele & drums!

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Advantages of In-Home lessons

 One of the advantages of in-home lessons is the convenience. Families are often busy with many commitments and activities. It can be difficult to manage time. Having in home lessons is the ideal solution to save traveling and waiting time.
During these unprecedented times
, we are taking steps to ensure the safety of our students and teachers by following provincial health guidelines including washing hands before each lesson, practicing physical distancing, and wearing PPE.
Practice right before and after lessons
Another great advantage of in-home instruction is that students are able to practice right before and after their lesson. They are able to warm up and have the music fresh in their minds and fingers. It is also quite advantageous to practice right after the lesson while it is still fresh in the student’s mind. This will help the student to remember important information that the teacher is trying to convey during the lesson.

More relaxed
We have found that students are more relaxed and less nervous having their lesson at home in familiar and comfortable surroundings. The result is fewer mistakes, better performance, more confidence and a more successful overall experience.

Familiar Instrument
For piano students, there is the advantage of having the instruction on their own instrument. Every acoustic and digital piano has a unique sound and feel. There are a variety of digital pianos and a wide range and quality of actions from non-weighted to authentic grand hammer action. It can be very difficult and frustrating for students who practice at home all week to have their lesson on another instrument that responds differently. It is also advantageous for the teacher to see what instrument the student is working on.

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