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Online Violin Lessons

violin lessonsEager to take up the violin or polish your skills? We’re here to help at the Academy of Music! Learning at home or via our online violin lessons comes with so many benefits, we don’t have space to extoll them all. Know this: when you’re at home, you’re comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, it’s easier to learn. To focus. To grow as a musician. Discover your potential and master this highly respected instrument with care, precision, and a commitment to the sweetest notes with the assistance of our experienced online and in-person instructors.


String Theory

String theory is a complex scientific model that could potentially be used as a “theory of everything” – in other words, the holy grail of physics that could potentially explain the fundamentals of the universe.  The universe is music; the vibration of strings. That theory might resonate with burgeoning and accomplished violinists – after all, one makes music with a violin by using a bow to create all kinds of vibrations in the strings, much like how particles are given unique properties when modified. These vibrations have been felt so deeply, one could readily argue they’ve shaped our universe.

A History of Musical Exceptionality

The history of Western music has been full of violins since the 1600s. Think of all the places a violin has been used throughout time, from classical orchestras to competitions with the Devil in Georgia, the cherished and delicate wooden instrument has a storied history. Learning any instrument is about learning a new language, and a new way of thinking, and the violin is no exception. 

When you or your child learns the violin, the student in question will develop so many essential life skills, it’s as mind-boggling as string theory. They’ll have to learn to read notation to be sure, as well as the tenants of music theory and history, but they’ll pick up so much more. They’ll develop an ear for music, the ability to hear it anywhere and everywhere such as in the park, at school, and in the home. When that ear has been developed, they’ll want to create music that reflects the beauty of the world, and they’ll have the ability to, because they’ll learn every technique needed to create exceptional pieces. 

Each violinist has their own style, their own flourishes that bring their subjective experience to life. The violin is therefore one of the most powerful ways to express yourself emotionally. The dexterity required in both hands to play a piece can’t be underestimated, and the coordination, patience and discipline you or your child will develop is astounding. What’s more, students will gain confidence as they master their craft, and creativity as they learn to make the instrument their own. 

Ideal for Any Age and Background

All of the benefits learning the violin has in store for your child can be yours. There’s no reason you can’t develop all of these skills at any age, and they’re always useful! Become more emotionally grounded, broaden your horizon and perspective with each slice of the bow, and challenge your mind to think in compelling new ways. Plus, the violin introduces a way to get more attuned with your own self, practicing patience and a more precise understanding of how each movement and texture works symbiotically to create the ideal tonal effect. Regardless of your age, our online violin lessons are an ideal choice – whether you’re eager to pick one up for the first time or in need of practice before your concerto!  

Our Courses

The Suzuki Violin Method

The Suzuki Violin Method isn’t just a method – it’s a philosophy of music and the mind. Shinichi Suzuki, a master violinist, developed the technique after living in Germany, where he noted how easily children picked up the native tongue when immersed in the culture. He theorized that because music is a language, the best way to teach a child musically was by immersing them in it, training their ears to recognize the beauty of fine music. This was done not just to increase their musical aptitude, but to boost their moral character.

 We learn to hear and speak before we learn to read and write. Drawing from this, the Suzuki method emphasizes ear training before learning notation and music theory. The focus of the method is to surround the child with beautiful compositions so that they learn to live, breathe, and think in music, just as they might in English. Students will learn to memorize pieces, recognize notes and, eventually, read and write music themselves.

The Royal Conservatory Violin Program

When you’re here, you’ve made it to the proverbial big leagues of formal violin training. To even join the Royal Conservatory program, you need years of training in prerequisite courses such as the Suzuki Method. Completion of the program is a certification of incredible technical prowess and depth of playing Those who complete the program often go on to become teachers of music themselves. We will ensure you’re ready to pass every exam before you take them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is learning the violin difficult?

It’s more demanding of time, patience and a love of the sound than anything else. In fact, with our online violin courses, we make the learning experience less overwhelming and more fun for those starting out with this instrument. That way, you can develop critical skills and slowly master various techniques at your own pace, increasing in complexity gradually. Eventually, you’ll take a step back and be amazed by the results you can produce with regular practice and commitment – and we can’t wait to be there to celebrate with you!

Do I need my own violin?

Yes, but don’t think you need to go out and purchase one, especially any sort of high-end model. Renting a basic violin from a music college, local shop or otherwise is often the approach our students take, eventually saving up enough to purchase their own outright once they reach a certain degree of ability with the instrument. This is important because each violin “speaks” to the person playing it in a certain way – and it’s important to build a healthy relationship of any kind!

Why should I take online violin lessons?

Our lessons make it easy to progress in your studies whether for fun, to develop stronger skills or improve your chances of passing musical exams. There’s no need to load up the car or hop on a bus – we can help you virtually using Skype, Zoom or Facetime from the comfort of your own home. This is a more convenient and cost-effective approach for many students, especially if they decide to purchase their own violin before getting started.