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Cello Lessons

No two people learn in the exact same way, and any two people might be at very different places on their cello learning journey; that’s why we offer a few different course tracks for our students. For those who have never touched a cello before, we’ve got a really exciting course: Hal Leonard’s Essential Elements. This course uses all kinds of different media to reinforce your learning from all angles; you’ll listen to music, watch videos, read and write in course books, and learn to play the cello. There’s a natural progression to the course, each lesson compounding on what you’ve already learned; better yet, there’s a different Essential Elements for all the different instruments in the orchestra, so you can learn different instruments at the same time as your friends, but you’ll all learn the same songs. That means when you’re done the course, you’ll be able to play together! For more advanced learners, we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer the gold standard: Royal Conservatory courses and exam preparation. Passing all the Royal Conservatory exams puts you well on your way to being a professional cellist; the courses can also be used for high school credits here in Manitoba. Our instructors will ensure you have the skills and confidence to pass the exams. These two-course tracks might not meet you at your level, and you might have some specific goals for your cello lessons; that’s okay! Our instructors can personalize a program of study that best suits the needs of the student, whether it is to get a head start with a school band program, to reinforce and supplement a current school band program, to prepare for a university music program or just for fun!


A storied member of the violin family, the cello is the second-largest, second lowest-pitched bowed string instrument in the symphony orchestra. A common conception of the cello is as a bass instrument, but this wonderful instrument is incredibly versatile. One of the things that makes it so emotive is how human it sounds; many have described it as the instrument with the range and sound most similar to the human voice. The cello is used extensively in the symphony orchestra, as an integral part of the string section, providing the low-end harmonies to the melody. The instrument is also very commonly used as a solo instrument with orchestral accompaniment. We’re thrilled that you’re considering cello lessons; let’s talk about how we’ll help become a master cellist.


The program starts with our in-home cello lessons. We love teaching people in their own homes because it gives them peace of mind. This peace of mind comes from reduced stress, especially for parents of aspiring students. Normally, you’d have to drive your child to the lessons, which takes up valuable time and energy, especially when you have more than one child to drive around! We come to you, so you can spend your time in the home, relaxing, doing chores, or anything else you like, all while getting the opportunity to hear your child progress in their learning. The system is great for kids, too; they generally find it easier to dive into the unknown while surrounded by the familiar. All the advantages for parents and kids are there for adults who want to learn the cello, too; you’ll be in your sanctuary while you learn, so you’ll be more comfortable while you learn, and you’ll have to spend less time traveling around to music lessons!

The cello is a really exceptional instrument to learn, for some of the reasons we’ve mentioned above; it has a huge repertoire owing to its importance in the orchestra, and there’s no way you could ever learn every cello song. There’s also a ton of different techniques and ways of playing the instrument; you’ll learn to play with all of your fingers (even your thumb!), you’ll master bowing, and you’ll learn the subtleties of the instrument. You’ll perfect your vibrato, and learn techniques like pizzicato, col legno, and how to play staccato and spiccato. These techniques will serve you well in the various orchestral compositions, but will also help you learn to play the cello in more contemporary tunes.


There are so many modern pop bands that have used the cello in their music, it’s almost impossible to list them all. Some of the most famous pop musicians of all time, like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, have used the cello infamous pop songs like “Eleanor Rigby” and “Good Vibrations”. Indie darlings Talk Talk and Arcade Fire have also used the instrument in their songs. One of the most surprising bands to have used the cello? The Armenian-American nü-metal band System of a Down. No matter what kind of music you’re into, you’ll find songs with cello – remember, it’s the most like the human voice!


We’re so excited to teach you the cello because you’ll learn so many incredible things – about music, about the world, and about yourself. You’ll become more physically fit and dexterous, as you learn to focus on your breath and the notes you make to keep perfect time. You’ll learn so much about your emotions, and those of others, as you learn to sync up with a band and truly feel a piece. You’ll learn a whole new language, and a whole new way of seeing the world, as you learn music theory, how to read notes, and how to play. This is an exciting journey; we can’t wait to take it with you!