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Online Piano Lessons

Whether you’re a complete beginner, seeking a challenge, or eager to polish rusty skills, we want to help you work at your craft – and turn that work into play. Our online piano teachers are standing by, sheet music in hand, and ready to make magic happen! After all, if we look to the creative icons of history such as Charles and Ray Eames, play was an essential ingredient in forming their success. The same can be said for the many famed pianists throughout time and the ages, so take your pleasure seriously and unleash your own inner composer by enrolling in the Academy of Music’s online piano lessons!


Our Courses

Alfred’s Premier Piano Course

Alfred’s Premier Piano Course is designed with the young learner in mind, and comes complete with dedicated lesson and theory books. This ensures a fun, exciting and highly stimulating course for young learners of all experience levels, so everyone gets a chance to develop their piano skills with the help of our instructors!

The course and its accompanying books are optimized by experienced child psychology professionals, providing a wide array of fun and entertaining songs to keep you and your children invested in the learning experience. You’ll surely play over and over again, making memories together while helping your child develop critical skills including those related to coordination, timing, and more. They’ll also learn notes, rhythm, and sight-reading skills essential to progressing their piano skills. Combined with theory exercises including flashcards, listening exercises, games and more, this course is an ideal option for children aged 6-12 – and their parents!

Alfred’s Adult Piano Course

This course is specifically designed for those who wish to learn two-hand chord techniques, advancing their knowledge and capability when playing. Songs can become more complex and beautifully melodic, enriching the experience further. Plus, this approach encourages organic learning that doesn’t push you beyond your current comfort zone more than necessary, minimizing the risk of frustration (and we’re always available during sessions to lend an ear – literally – if you’re struggling). 

Piano Adventures by Faber

Piano Adventures bases their curriculum on discovery, creativity, and adventureThis comprehensive method is defined by its outstanding reading approach, a variety of musical styles, the “why” of music theory and, importantly, the “how” of piano technique with a unique, systematic pathway.

The Primer Level is designed for beginning piano students ages 6 – 11. We recommend students follow both the lesson book and the theory book. In the lesson book, musical concepts are introduced and reinforced with pianistic songs and engaging lyrics, while the theory book teaches thinking skills through writing, improvisation, ear training, and eye training.

Piano Adventures Player App

The Piano Adventures Player App brings an orchestra, jazz ensemble, and rock band to your mobile device! This official play-along app provides outstanding accompaniments to the Piano Adventures lesson books, which stimulate practice and imagination, provide model performances, and help develop ensemble skills!

Royal Conservatory Piano Course

For 130 years, The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) has offered an internationally renowned program of music study and assessment through its certificate program. Today, the RCM Certificate Program is considered one of the finest music education systems in Canada and around the world. The program provides students with world-class, well-rounded musical training, from elementary through to advanced levels. With the completion of each level, students further hone their skills and develop their ability to play music independently while nurturing a lifelong appreciation for music-making.

Our instructors at Academy of Music will prepare our students to take the RCM examinations if they so choose. While the examinations are optional, we encourage our students to take them. Completing the higher-level examinations gives the students the opportunity to gain high school credits as well as university entrance requirements for further music study. For more information, please visit

Fundamentals of the Piano

Timeless yet Incredibly Modern Design

The piano is one of the most ubiquitous instruments in Western culture. Its influence is keenly felt almost everywhere, from classical concertos to modern-day pop songs, new age compositions (including those by Enya and her impressively talented collaborators), and elsewhere. There are many reasons why it’s been around for hundreds of years and remains a popular choice, and it will likely remain relevant for hundreds more. 

First off, spanning 88 keys, the piano is a wonderful compositional tool, allowing for chord voicings and complex sequences that are unavailable in many other instruments. The use of both hands for playing notes is essentially unique to the piano; many other instruments require a hand for strumming or bowing, which means fewer notes can be played simultaneously. 

A Well-Loved, Cherished Way to Create Music

Piano Lessons ChildrenWhen you love a song, you can learn it on the piano. It’s as simple as that. You can take the notes from the melody, bass, and any other elements of the song, then transcribe and play them. The beautiful music you’ll make is enough a reward on its own, let alone being able to join any group of musicians or bring life to family gatherings by accompanying sing-alongs. With the piano, the sky’s the limit.

The Power of Emotion

The best thing about learning a musical instrument is that it’s both fun and rewarding. When you love music, it’s always enjoyable to sit down and play, whether you’re learning your first song or writing your own masterpiece. Like any great passion, you might feel a range of emotions as you’re learning – at times frustration, then gradual improvement and excitement, followed by triumph and exhilaration at the sound of what you managed to produce with practice and plenty of patience. Of course, sadness, exultation, and even boredom are possible – the experience in playing the piano renders as many emotions as the human conscience itself.

 The remarkable thing about learning an instrument is that as you feel these emotions, you’ll learn to channel them into your playing. Some notes will be so soft you could hear a pin drop, and you’ll await the next with bated breath. Other times, your playing will be as loud as thunder, shaking you and anyone around out of a stupor and into the music. Piano is beautiful, and you can learn how to let its magic shine with your own talent and love of its textured notes.

An Online Piano Teacher for Every Age and Background

Online Piano Lessons for Kids

When we surround children with music, we encourage them to think outside the box, expand their minds and relish in a world of beautiful new sensory details. The feel, playback, and sensation possible when they learn to play piano online enable incredible stimulation and excitement. At first, they’ll stubbornly hammer the keys or play around, as children ought to do. However, the more our attentive and supportive instructors work with them on understanding how the instrument works – and what they’re capable of at the keys of one – the more they’ll likely want to improve their skills and master it. We make the experience fun, convenient, and conducive to improved cognitive function with our online piano lessons for kids, which is something we’re tremendously proud of!

Our Online Piano Course for Adults

Of course, why should children be the only ones who can have fun and take up the art of piano? Those who sign up for the Academy of Music’s online piano course for adults are in for the same treat, delivered via conveniently timed and arranged virtual lessons to ensure they don’t interfere with your downtime or daily responsibilities. 

Piano Marvel

piano marvel

Alternatively, have you considered the capabilities modern software can teach you in conjunction with our lessons? Piano Marvel is a fun, motivational online piano teaching and assessment software that feels more like a game. It’s great for all ages and allows you to learn, practice, and play your way along with one of our certified Piano Marvel instructors! You can start with a free basic account, or upgrade to a premium account that includes a vast array of songs and educational material. These materials include the Alfred Premier Piano Course, offering tremendous value! The innovative design and capabilities of this software make Piano Marvel the number-one choice for any student learning one of the world’s most iconic and cherished instruments. Use promo code ACADEMY to receive a discounted rate of $12.99 US per month!