Practicing Tips for Success in Music Lessons

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Here are some practicing tips for fostering a positive music lesson, which will help ensure a successful music education experience. It is important to note that students require the support of their parents and family members in assisting them to reach their goals including maintaining a consistent practice routine. Parents will need to sit with younger children to practice.    Don’t wait until you feel inspired to practice. Just make it part of your daily [...]

The Good, The Bad: The Musical

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Music is so varied, and used for so many different reasons, it can feel hard to pin down all of it’s benefits. It can be used to create a particular ambiance; sometimes used to convince people to stay in your bar for another drink, other times used to convince young people to stay away from your establishment (honestly, those kids are missing out; loiter awhile longer and listen to Bach). Music can also be used [...]

Fall is just around the corner!

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With summer coming to an end and fall just around the corner, The Academy of Music would like to extend a warm welcome back to all students! Have you been wanting to pick up that guitar you’ve had for ages? What about that piano in the corner of your living room you’ve been meaning to play? The Academy of Music offers a wide array of music lessons for the aspiring musician ranging from piano, guitar, [...]

Children’s Art Tax Credit

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As you may know, the 2016 federal budget has eliminated the Children’s Arts Credit for 2017 and subsequent taxation years. The provincial government however offers a Children's Arts and Cultural Activity Tax Credit that provides parents of children under 16 with a non-refundable benefit of up to $500 of eligible expenses per child may be claimed for participation in eligible non-fitness activities including music lessons. Please keep your receipts given to you by your instructor [...]

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