So many musicians have featured the ukulele in their works through many decades, making the instrument an instant classic. With its soothing and satisfying sounds, it is no wonder that many music lovers decide to choose it over the likes of an acoustic guitar. Just four strings and easy to tune, the uke is a great instrument to pick up for any beginner with an interest in playing.

As you begin to experiment with different ukulele songs, you might consider taking ukulele lessons in order to get a basic understanding of the instrument. After you have done so, you might then wonder which songs are the best to play for anyone on any given occasion. 

Where To Start?

Traditional Hawaiian 

You can’t go wrong with music from the origin point of the instrument itself and some great ukulele songs from Hawaiian culture. Hawaii is what people typically think of when they hear or see a uke because its ties to Hawaiian culture are very deep. The last monarch, Queen Lili’uokalani, wrote one of Hawaii’s most famous songs, titled Aloha’Oe. It became one of the most popular ukulele songs and is a great song to play for a relaxing mood and a great introduction for beginners.

Another one of the most fun ukulele songs is Somewhere over the Rainbow, covered by Israel Kamakawilo’ole. It is a classic song from The Wizard of Oz which has garnered many renditions. Israel’s ukulele-based version is really lovely, extremely recognizable, and features a simple strumming pattern and chord changes that are easy to learn. 

Pop Music

Pop songs of the 20th century are some of the most played and most well-known to the public, so you can’t go wrong with playing one. There are so many that feature the uke, with a wide variety to choose from. 

A go-to song that many beginners flock to is I’m yours by Jason Mraz, which is a ukulele song at its core. According to Consordini, the song is pretty simple and exemplifies that you don’t need to be a prodigy to learn how to play something on a ukulele. It features a basic strum pattern and easy chords, so it’s perfect for a beginner or a quick learner. This widely popular song is romantic and joyful and one of the best ukulele songs for weddings.

Riptide by Vance Joy is also considered another of the best ukulele songs to learn. It’s fun and can get people singing, as it is super catchy and a more recent ukulele song of the last ten years. Perfect for parties and get-togethers, the song is a real crowd-pleaser. 

One of the most iconic songs that everyone is sure to know or recognize is Can’t Help Falling in Love by the great Elvis Presley. This song has easy lyrics to memorize and is great for a challenge, as it can be played in many different ways. It is tender, comforting, entertaining, and in some cases, somber. This song can be played on virtually any occasion and can fit the tone and mood of the room instantly. 

Cover Songs

Covering any popular songs is always a good move, as they can be transformed into great ukulele tunes almost instantly. A very well-known cover that features a uke is Dream a little dream of Me by Gus Kahn,  famously covered by The Mamas and Papas. The song has been covered so many times and in many different ways, making it highly identifiable. 

Learning a different variety of songs that you can cover is a good choice in preparing your song toolbox; this way, you’ll be ready for any event that requires a specific kind of ukulele song.

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