This year, online learning has become the new norm. Schools have closed and families have stayed inside in their efforts to maintain physical distancing. But for those who want to further their education during this time, the pandemic might stand in the way of their goals. Thanks to technology, there’s a solution to this problem – virtual lessons. They have risen in popularity since the outbreak of COVID-19. While some students will miss the intimacy of an in-person lesson, online learning has its advantages.

Why Online Music Lessons Could Save Lives – Literally!

With “social distancing” being implemented everywhere we look, it’s incredibly important for everyone to do their part in helping themselves and those around them to foster an environment focused on both safety and health. Many schools are now closed, and students are being homeschooled, mostly by parents. This has been a major disruption for both parents and students alike, since many parents are still working (to some degree) either at home or at their place of business. Social media is full of uncertainty, with the popular question, “who will teach my kids?”

We are extremely fortunate to live in a digitally connected world encompassing everything from Facebook and Instagram, Netflix to YouTube. At the Academy of Music, we’ve been offering online music lessons for quite some time, but lately, we’ve seen a lot of students move from traditional in-person music lessons to online learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to sign up for online music lessons?

All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a computer, tablet, or phone that supports video communication, and you have everything you need to be able to take part in online music lessons. For practicing together with a specific instrument, we recommend purchasing or – even better – renting one in advance, and many local businesses allow for curbside pickup/delivery during these trying times. Of course, if your budget is tight, there are alternatives including tablet music apps – if it makes sound and we can hear it, we can help make it work and still provide an enriching experience!

Is working with a music tutor online productive? Are they experienced?

Our music teachers online are passionate about teaching their students one-on-one, so taking the lessons online is a smooth transition. They also each have their own extensive history in multiple forms of instrumentation, vocal skills, and more, so there’s no better music tutor online than one of our own! Plus, the best part about online lessons at this time is you can keep learning while also maintaining social distancing. With so many people at home, your lesson schedule can also be quite flexible, and we can adjust it to suit your availability. Your teacher will work with you to figure out a time that best suits the both of you, and we know it will be something you can look forward to week in and week out.

Do I have to travel at all?

Nope! We make it easy to hop online and focus on the lessons at hand. Another great aspect of taking online music lessons at home is that there’s much less travel time compared to when attending a lesson elsewhere – sometimes even in another city. This time-saving opportunity allows for increased productivity, the chance to be able to spend more time practicing, or other activities that help us grow. Plus, when utilizing online learning, you can sign up and start taking lessons with us anywhere in the world! No matter how far away you live, our music instructors are right there with you in your home virtually – all in real-time.

What lessons do you offer?

The Academy of Music offers music lessons for all ages, and we have a lot to choose from! Just check out the Instruments tab in the top menu, and you can see that we offer something for everyone including the violin, vocal lessons, guitar, piano and keyboard, drums – even the ukulele if you’re looking for a way to brighten your day! Our secure payment option is a breeze, and you can get enrolled in just a few clicks, ensuring you’ll feel anything but “stuck” at home right now. Instead, embrace it by practicing with your favourite instrument and interacting with our friendly, experienced online music teachers!

Will you keep online lessons going after the pandemic?

This pandemic has forced so many of us to make adjustments. At this time, it’s too early to tell when life will get back to “normal”, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop everything we were doing. History has proven that music will always play a major role in our lives, even when our lives aren’t easy. We need to focus on the good, more now than ever, and let our passions flow wherever we are. That said, we’re happy to continue to offer online music lessons for all ages and backgrounds – we know how convenient they are to folks, especially those with children and/or busy schedules. It’s not always feasible to hop in the car, take a bus or otherwise just for a lesson, plus it theoretically reduces our individual carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of travel needed. That’s a serious win-win scenario for everyone!

How much do online Skype music lessons cost?

We’re happy to offer our learning programs not only via Skype but also Zoom and Facetime – whatever works best for you! As for pricing, this will vary on a number of factors including the number of sessions, how long each will last, and which particular courses you are interested in. For further details, we recommend reaching out to our team – we’ll be glad to help you find a solution that works best for your availability and budget, especially during these abnormal times we all live in!

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