If you want to learn piano online, the Academy of Music is now offering online piano lessons using an amazing piano lesson app called Piano Marvel! Whether you’re looking for piano lessons for beginners, or to supplement your advanced piano ability, this intuitive piano learning app is perfect for you!

What is Piano Marvel?

Piano Marvel is the ultimate piano learning system that takes online piano lessons to a whole new level. Many of the other online piano programs are basically just sheet music, but Piano Marvel was designed specifically by piano teachers, and is used by schools, universities and piano enthusiasts around the world.

With over 25,000 songs and exercises (and growing everyday) combined with powerful learning tools, Piano Marvel is one of the best piano learning apps that allows you to learn piano faster.

Piano Marvel also offers the ability to connect and interact with your own digital piano or keyboard, showing you if you are playing the correct notes and rhythms in a fun motivational game like approach to practice songs and lessons on your PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone. You can even use Piano Marvel with an acoustic piano using book mode.

Piano Marvel lets you choose from thousands of songs to learn, ranging from classical music to pop favourites. There is even the ability to upload your own music! The piano exercises are designed for all levels, which include popular titles from Hal Leonard, FJH Music Company, plus the complete Alfred Premiere Piano Course!

Piano Marvel has 3 amazing modes to choose from:

Prepare mode

Piano Marvel’s Prepare mode makes learning new songs easier than ever!

Prepare mode waits for you to play, allowing you to work through the notes and rhythms at your own pace. It provides instant feedback and allows you to practice songs at your own speed. This helps you to learn challenging piano parts in an extremely intuitive way.

Prepare mode will also show you which notes you are playing correctly as you perform, helping to correct mistakes before they become bad habits. As you learn the notes to the song, you’ll receive visual notifications along the way, which will help you make corrections using important feedback about your performance.

You’ll also get to direct the tempo and timing of your piano performance. With the ability to expressively slow down and energetically speed up as you play, you are able to perform musically and work toward note accuracy at the same time.

Prepare Mode will help you learn notes and note patterns in the most efficient and effective way, which will help you learn to play challenging songs much faster!

Assess mode

Piano Marvel’s Assess mode lets you avoid practicing mistakes and learn piano faster with scores and detailed feedback to help you along the way, and using this feedback you can quickly correct mistakes before they turn into bad habits.

These mistakes normally go unnoticed until someone points them out. With red and green markings indicating what you played correctly and incorrectly, you’ll be able to practice mistake free.

Practice mode

Piano Marvel’s Practice mode is one of the best kept piano practice secrets of all time, and is the same technique used by piano teachers around the world!

Practice mode breaks down challenging music into smaller sections that are easier to learn. You’ll be able to practice like the pros and learn harder music in less time.

Some teachers report that their students learn up to 8 to 10 times faster using Piano Marvel!

Other Piano Marvel Features


Piano Marvel also offers a site reading section known as the SASR. The SASR (Standard Assessment of Sight Reading) is a piano sight-reading test that also teaches you to sight read better! Each time you take the SASR test you will get a sight-reading score and a chart showing your sight-reading progress.

Piano Marvel’s SASR is an amazing site reading practice tool, and is the only site unit assessment of its kind!

Video Lessons

On the journey to learn to play piano, there are many skills that are better learned through watching. Piano Marvel features over 300 high-quality videos that go along with the Piano Marvel lessons and songs.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced piano player, or looking for online piano lessons for kids or adults, Piano Marvel will be able to help you along your journey of becoming a better pianist.

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