The guitar has been a part of music history for decades, and its versatility has put it on the map as one of the most compelling musical instruments to play. The cool factor of the guitar has also added to its allure, as many iconic and talented guitar players, such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, have pushed and showcased the instrument’s capabilities. Its popularity has made it one of the most common instruments ever to grace the music scene. It is typically a fan favourite amongst first-time music pursuers, as its appeal has won over the hearts and minds of many enthusiasts of genres like rock, country, folk, blues, etc. It is also an excellent instrument for a beginner, and here are 5 reasons the guitar is the perfect first instrument to learn:

1. Easy To Obtain


Chances are you know someone who plays guitar or knows someone who knows someone that does. Whether it is an acoustic or the much-coveted electric guitar, they are virtually all around us and an extremely accessible instrument to obtain. 

There are also so many resources to assist you in the learning process, like books, videos, and online guitar lessons, which make it very convenient and accessible. 


You may be thinking that guitars are super pricey instruments, which they can certainly be. However, in comparison to instruments like pianos or saxophones, the guitar may definitely fall into your budget more gracefully. $300 on a guitar might seem a lot more appealing than dropping thousands of dollars instead. You can also find many guitars and guitar equipment in second-hand stores, which is always an alternative in saving money.

2. Easy To Learn

The instrument may be extremely complex but possesses an incredibly easy learning curve for beginners. For those that want to pick up the guitar, you can rest assured that while it will take a lot of time to learn and practice, it is a simple learning process. Quickly, you will find yourself being able to play using some basic chords. 

A recommendation that Fender has is to record yourself, as you will be able to see and hear your progress in an objective way. You will be able to spot what you are doing right, wrong and where you can improve. 

Lessons are remarkable for teaching you exactly what you need to know, and learning from a great teacher can definitely help you along with your progress. In no time, you will be able to nail any hammer-ons and pull-offs.

3. Versatile 

Think of how many different musical stylings there are that features a guitar. There are so many genres, techniques, and possibilities that can be pulled off with this polyphonic instrument. From classical to flamenco to screaming electric guitar solos – it is extremely versatile.


A polyphonic instrument is one that can simultaneously play multiple notes at once. The six strings are able to produce different tones, which means that almost all the music you want can be translated to the guitar. This opens the door to more options and versatility for a guitar player.

The versatility factor is another added appeal this instrument has. As a guitarist, you can explore a wide variety of sounds and styles. Acoustic, classical, and electric guitars all possess their own unique sounds and abilities. The better quality the instrument, the more wonderful it will likely sound.

4. Community

The guitar is a great instrument that can aid in socializing and forming bonds with other people. For some, playing guitar alone can be a very therapeutic and calming thing, but when you open up the ability to play with others, it’s a whole new feeling. You will make friends and form connections with other people who love and have an interest in music. It may even help you overcome reservations and bring you out of your shell. 

The community is where many people form bands, write music, play shows, and sometimes go on tour together. Just think of the possibilities the guitar can create for you and the potential of lifelong friends and bandmates. 

5. It’s Good for You

Believe it or not, playing guitar is a healthy habit to have as it can aid in increasing your brain function and sharpen your motor skills. Music has a lot of beneficial properties;it can do things for your brain that other activities just cannot replicate. 

Coordinating your hand movements can sometimes take a lot of work, but it is something your brain might not have been able to do without learning how to play the guitar. Memorizing and recalling what notes to play at the precise time takes a lot of brain power as well. One hand controls plucking, while the other has to focus on where to press down.  

It is also great for your mental health. It keeps you occupied, stimulated,  and gives you an outlet to express yourself. Music is a beautiful thing to have access to, and luckily, it’s all around us. 

Don’t hesitate!  Start your musical journey with the guitar today. There are outlets and opportunities for you to pick it up, so feel free to partake in lessons or play around with the instrument. You may find that it becomes your next obsession, and as we stated, it is a good obsession to have.