The journey of learning music can be intimidating – how do you begin when there are so many options to choose from? When you start to play an instrument, you want a beginner-friendly one. To ease this process, we’ve put together a list of the instruments that are best-suited for new players:


  • Piano. Nearly every song has the piano in it, which allows beginners to find music they will enjoy playing. This instrument is easy to pick up but challenging to master. If you can’t afford a grand piano, don’t worry! You can use a keyboard instead. 


  • Guitar. From simple melodies to challenging riffs, the guitar has a range of versatility that appeals to many. You can play beautiful classical music, loud rock and roll, and/or complex jazz standards. Rest assured that practicing will build calluses on your fingertips, which will make it easier to play.


  • Clarinet. This option is great for kids because it builds on their skills from learning the recorder. The clarinet is a wind instrument that is played by a grumpy squid on a hit children’s show. They were invented in the 1700’s in Europe and are played around the world, taking centre stage in klezmer music.


  • Saxophone. There’s something sassy and jazzy about a saxophone that so many are drawn to. It’s a popular and stylish instrument, and not too difficult for a beginner to start playing. If you decide to purchase a woodwind instrument, make sure to clean it often – the build-up of bacteria can result in a health condition called “trombone players’ lung”.


  • Trumpet. What’s more triumphant than a ringing trumpet? This member of the brass family is convenient to carry around and it’s affordable. Trumpets are a lot of fun to play, so consider giving it a toot. It might take some time to build lip endurance, but it’s definitely worth the effort!


  • Flute. The sweet, high notes of this instrument are serene and melodic; having a peaceful quality that makes the flute truly unique. These instruments are made from a range of materials including nickel, silver, gold, and platinum – the type of metal used has a slight effect on the sound that’s produced. 


  • Ukulele. This light and upbeat string instrument is perfect for beginners. It only has four strings, so those who are intimidated by a guitar can choose the ukulele instead. The nylon strings are softer on the fingers than the steel ones that acoustic guitars are strung with.



  • Harmonica. It’s not just a kid’s toy – harmonicas can be used to create sophisticated and vibrant music. New players love this instrument because they can improve on their skills quickly; it’s a matter of controlling their breath. Harmonicas come in different keys and sizes.


  • Drums. Simple beats are easy to perform and beginner-friendly, but the drums offer a level of depth that can take any song to the next level. When you start learning the drums, you’ll find yourself tapping along to all your favourite songs. Your timing and dexterity will improve the more you play.

Once you’ve settled on an instrument, the next step is signing up for music lessons in Portage la Prairie. At Academy of Music, we offer online lessons so that you can learn your new instrument in a completely safe and familiar environment.