The Kawai 506 was specially designed to meet the needs of those who require high quality and durability in an instrument, without a premium price tag. Churches, schools or other venues seeking longevity and value will find the 506 to be a solid musical choice.


The 506 upright piano features three key elements of a fine piano—a durable back assembly with 5 laminated back posts, our exclusive Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action, and an exceptional soundboard made of solid spruce. These elements assure a steady level of touch, tone and durability that will meet the requirements of any player. Finally, we added a handsome cabinet with a sturdy “toe-block” design. The result is a well-crafted, great-sounding instrument that will bring musical enjoyment for many years to come. The 506N upright piano is part of the institutional series of upright pianos.

  • Taller 44 1/2” Height
  • Larger Soundboard Area
  • Sturdy Institutional Design with Toe-blocks and Casters for Easy Moving
SizeHeight44 1/2” (113 cm)
Width59” (150 cm)
Depth24” (61 cm)
Weight424 lbs.
ActionUltra-Responsive Direct Blow
SoundSoundboardSolid Spruce
Soundboard Area2,015 sq. in.
Speaking Length of No. 1 String44 1/8” (112 cm)
Keystick Length16 1/4” (407 mm)
Back Posts5
FinishesSatin Mahogany, Satin Ebony

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