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Online & In Home Electric Bass Lessons

There is music in the world without a clear rhythm, without an obvious groove – but it’s rare. The electric bass, sometimes known as the bass guitar, or simply “the bass”, has been the bass instrument of choice for rhythm sections in popular music for the last few decades. Tuned in a manner similar to its predecessor, the double bass, the electric bass most often has four strings tuned one octave lower than the guitar’s bottom four strings (E-A-D-G). We can’t imagine what popular music would look like without the bass, so we have exciting plans to help you reach your bass playing potential.


The first element of our program is in-home lessons. There’s a lot of advantages to learning an instrument in the comfort of your own home. For parents, it’s great because you don’t have to drive your kids to music lessons; this can free up time to clean, cook, or even – could it be – to relax and unwind. You get to do all of this while listening to your child develop their musical abilities in real time. It’s great for your kids, too; practicing an instrument in the comfort of your own home can allow you to delve deeper into what’s unknown, surrounded by a sense of security. For this reason, adults who want to work at home can also benefit; you won’t have to make your way to a music school, and playing at home can reduce anxiety or tension.


The second element is our multi-track, customizable course plans, taught by our world-class, teachers. The track we recommend for bassists beginning their journey is Hal Leonard’s Essential Elements; it offers a lot of resources in a concise package. The course teaches through a number of different mediums; videos of how to play, coursebooks you can read through and workbooks to write in, and music you can play along with. Through this course, you’ll learn theory and practice, with each lesson compounding on the last. The best part is, the course has the same songs for each instrument, so you’ll be able to get together with a band learning the same material and play. We also offer customizable courses for bassists of all levels; our instructors can personalize a program of study that best suits the needs of the student, whether it is to get a head start with a school band program, to reinforce and supplement a current school band program, to prepare for a university music program or just for fun!


The number of different techniques for playing the bass are astounding; you can play slap and pop style with your thumb, you can fingerpick the instrument, you can use a pick, you can tap; the list goes on. There’s also a number of different bass guitars, amplifiers, pedals, and other accessories that you can use. One of the thrills of being a bassist is the diversity of styles that you can play; everything from pop to funk to classical. The bass can be used as a steady player in the rhythm section, as an instrument for soloing, to create drones or melodies – your imagination is the limit.


To list the repertoire of songs that you can play on the electric bass would be an impossibly daunting task. The reality is, most popular songs that you’ve heard are likely to have electric bass in them, and even if the bassline is played on a synth, there’s nothing that says you can’t duplicate it using your bass. There’s a good chance that the electric bass will continue to be an important part of our popular music for decades to come, so that incredible repertoire will continue to grow.


Learning the bass means learning about yourself. You’ll become more dexterous, your fingers growing stronger than ever as they fly across the fretboard. You’ll gain a keener sense of rhythm, as your locked in grooves will keep the rest of the band in time. You’ll grow emotionally, as you learn to pour your heart and soul into the songs that you play. You’ll develop your reasoning skills, as you learn a whole new language – the language of music and music theory. You’ll grow more confident as you practice, diligently, until you’re an accomplished bassist. You’ll grow in so many ways, and we’ll be here every step of the way, mentoring you, helping you, guiding you. They journey will be incredible.